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NetWorld2020 Event 2014

The NetWorld2020 Annual Event 2014 took place in Brussels on 3 December 2014. The event presented news regarding 5G-PPP plans, activities and topics, include keynote speeches but also parallel session on technical topics. The event also aimed at collecting feedback from the wide community in order to input the next version of the H2020 Workprogramme.  More info…

Expert Group workshop in Bologna, 23 June 2014

A Workshop of the Networld2020 Expert Group took place at EuCNC’14 venue in Bologna, 23 June 2014. About 100 participants attended. The goal of the workshop was to give a status overview of the whitepapers and to highlight further topics that are being considered for inclusion.

The slides presented at the workshop are available to members for download.
The whitepapers will be made available for public consultation with NetWorld2020 members in August 2014 here on this webpage.

NetWorld2020 founded by Net!Works and ISI

On 29 October 2013 the new ETP NetWorld2020 has been founded by the former Net!Works and ISI ETPs. The launch event took place in Brussels and was attended by 160 participants. In the morning of the day, directly before the launch event, the last GAs of Net!Works and ISI took place, after which both ETPs were closed down. The membership of all Net!Works and ISI members has been transferred and they became automatically member of the new ETP. At the launch event also the 30 members of the Steering Board of NetWorld2020 for the period 2014-15 have been successfully elected.

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